DharmaJobs.com is a website dedicated to matching awake persons to awake companies.  This is the basis for our connecting to each other in order to have a positive impact on the world.  We wish like minded souls to find their highest purpose and true self in the workplace of our lives. 
If your interested in working for a company that is on a path of change to our best self then take a breath and know your home.

You've Arrived, Your Home.

Please take a look at Current Dharma Jobs to see the positions currently in search.  Established (companies are 45 and 75 years young) Southern California niche manufacturing companies operating in the global marketplace.  Products include industry leading welding and cutting equipment and consumables utilized in diverse industries and future industry leading innovations.  Fifty employees

In search of team members for whom working in an environment based on uncompromising values, self awareness, and commitment to truth is where he/she lives. 

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